TWAP Arbtirage


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What is the Volven TARB?

TARB, short for TWAP Arbitrage, is an algorithmic trading strategy with dynamic take profit and stop loss. The strategy opens and closes the positions with the Volven TWAP strategy. The strategy holds the discretion to partially enter and exit the market. Meaning that during the course of its duration you could be entering and taking profits multiple times at different levels.

The TARB makes a profit by generating a net positive spread between its two child TWAPs.

TARB's Take Profit and Stop Loss is based on the percentage of returns that you are making. They are not set to fixed levels since the strategy is dynamic and continously enters and exits the market.

How to place a Volven TARB?

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Optional parameters


Price Limit

Upper barrier for buying, or lower barrier for selling. Prevents your strategy from buying at an unfavorable price.

Stop Loss

If your return on investment is below your stop loss, the strategy will exit the remaining position and stop trading.

Trigger Price

Determines the price where the strategy will start. Meaning the strategy will be waiting until the market crosses the trigger price.

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