Features and Algorithms

Good execution is the holy grail of trading. We're committed to continuously enhance our algorithms, develop new ones, and most importantly deliver a best-in-class crypto trading terminal. Innovation is the core of what we do.

Why trade with Volven?

It's time to trade smarter. Volven's interface and algorithmic trade execution helps you make better decisions, ultimately saving you money in trading costs and maximizing your profit potential.


Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP)

TWAP is typically used for larger orders to minimise the market impact or for traders that want to participate in a specific price range. Volven has re-invented the traditional rule-based TWAP by implementing artificial intelligence. The strategy distributes trades dynamically across a specific time horizon the user sets, aiming to achieve an execution price better than VWAP. The strategy is given the flexibility to seize opportunities by tracking momentum, abnormal changes in trading volume and identifying the most advantageous levels of order execution.

pageTime-Weighted Average Price

TWAP Arbitrage (TARB)

TARB Is an intelligent replacement for the popular grid strategy. Instead of a predefined static level where you trade, this strategy allows you to dynamically monetise on price fluctuation by launching 2 TWAP strategies, BUY and SELL. The 2 TWAP strategies work with each other with a minimum profit margin set by the trader. You can use the parameters we have predefined for you or choose your own.

pageTWAP Arbtirage


A Slicer is a dynamic AI-based algorithmic crypto strategy and can be described as a short-term TWAP strategy. The strategy will spread the executions of the order up to 15 min from the start.



Cobra is a fire-and-forget strategy that opens and exists positions automatically with dynamic take profit and stop loss levels.


Smart Order

The ”Go-To” strategy for quick and precise execution. Smart Order replaces the traditional limit and market orders. Execute effortlessly by placing your order with dynamic price tracking or traditional limit or market orders. With dynamic price limit, your order will be filled within seconds.

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Advanced Limit Order

The ALO is a trading strategy that automatically manages your take profit and stop loss.

pageAdvanced Limit Order

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