The benefit of algorithmic trading is the ability to monitor and participate in the markets 24/7.

Each row displays market data of a product, and can be expanded to view the product details on your selected exchanges, as highlighted below. To create a strategy, click the "Buy" or "Sell" button on the row with the exchange you would like to trade on. This opens the strategy creation panel.

To add/view more products, just start typing in the Ticker. For example: "ADAUSDT".

You can filter by spot, futures, and exchanges. The selection window will also provide details if the futures products are perpetuals or delivery. Click the heart to add/remove.

Ticker comes with a preset of default columns. Columns can be adjusted through the settings in the Ticker dropdown. Click the arrow in the top left to open the dropdown, and you will find the settings (cogwheel) in the top right.

Default ColumnsPurpose


Name of the product. (Name of exchange when expanded)

Own Bid Price

Shows the limit price of your best buy order for the product

Own Sell Price

Shows the limit price of your best sell order for the product


Opens the create strategy panel for that product and exchange, with buy side pre-selected


Opens the create strategy panel for that product and exchange, with sell side pre-selected


The best bid in the market


The best ask in the market

24h Range

High/Low range last 24hrs, with a current price indicator


The product icons. For example BTC/USDT will show Bitcoin and USDT icons. Text on hover.

The price of your orders will be shown in the Own Bid Price and Own Ask Price columns.

We've added color coding to give you a visual representation of your orders as follows.

  • Purple: You are the best bid/ask

  • Green: You are within 0.5% of the best bid/ask

  • Yellow: You are beyond 0.5% of the best bid/ask

Inspired by Formula 1 lap times

To Insert, Remove, or Rename columns, right click on any column name.

To resize a column, hover on the column name edge and drag left or right.

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