Balances Chart

Manage your portfolio from a single module

Balance Chart Details

The balance chart is an interactable pie-chart that enables you to view, transfer, and trade all your assets from a single module. There's a lot more functionality to this module than what meets the eye.

The Pie-Chart

The pie-chart is made up of two circles. The inner circle makes up the total value of each asset that you own. The outer circle shows how the asset is distributed across your account. By hovering over an asset will also get a list view of the asset distribution.

Clicking on an asset will display more detailed wallet distribution across the exchanges

Internal Transfers

Try making an internal transfer by dragging from one internal wallet to another.

Multi-exchange Converter

You can convert an asset on multiple venues to another asset by dragging the asset on top of another. Here's an example of dragging USDT which the account holds on Binance, OKX and, and releasing it on XRP. This will issue a Basket Order to convert all USDT across the exchanges to XRP.

After confirming the size of the Basket Order, it will create a strategy that performs the conversion on all exchanges in the most cost-effective way possible. In the event that one of the exchanges doesn't support trading the two assets against each other (in this case XRP/USDT), then the strategy will find the shortest path and re-route the order.

Single-exchange Converter

You can also perform the same action on a single exchange, by dragging the exchange distribution of the asset on top of another asset. In the example below, we drag the Binance distribution of USDT, and release it on the XRP asset. This will convert your Binance USDT to XRP.

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