29th March 2024

What's new

  • Use strategy items inside root strategy view (improves performance in strategy tree)

  • Update BULL and BEAR details panel

  • Show confirmation dialog when closing the app

  • Add reduce only parameter to two way strategies

  • Display Volven name across the app as product name

  • <FIX> [BULL, BEAR] I don’t see correct value in the gauge on the strategies list

  • <FIX> [Balances Chart] Conversion effect is never visible

  • <FIX> [Balances Chart] On ByBit Unified Trading there is no conversion effect

  • <FIX> [Balances Chart] Pre-set conversion value is different than when dragging

  • <FIX> [Balances Chart] If show empty wallets is checked it should uncheck hide<10

  • <FIX> [Balances Chart] Total should show total portfolio value even when user hide values less than 10

  • <FIX> [Balances Chart] Transfers conversions no error success messages

  • <FIX> [Conversion dialog] Precision is set to 2 decimals

  • <FIX> [Strategies list] BC exchange icon is missing

  • <FIX> [Strategies] BULL / BEAR settings - should be on Buy or Sell side (not both)

  • <FIX> [Strategies] No Flush for Bull and Bear

  • <FIX> [Strategy Details] Market change shows wrong precision

  • <FIX> [Strategy Details] Ticks in sliders are unaligned with the labels

  • <FIX> [Strategy panels] Stop Loss settings card should not accept zero

  • <FIX> [TMM] unable to update hourly volume when parameters UI data is empty

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