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How to create Bybit API Key

  1. Go to the Bybit API Key Management page.

  2. Click "Create New Key"

  3. Click "System-generated API Keys"

  4. Select "API Transaction"

  5. Name the API Key, for example: Volven API

  6. Select "Read-Write" and "Only IPs with permissions granted are allowed to access the OpenAPI", then copy the below Volven IPs and paste into the box.,,,

Currently we only support Standard Account on Bybit. The implementation for Universal Trading Account (UTA) will be pushed early 2024.

  1. Check "Standard Account" to give correct permissions.

  2. Check "Account Transfer" to be able to make internal transfers between your own Bybit wallets in the terminal. It's very handy, and safe!

  3. Click "Submit" and complete the Security Verification. Don't close the next window before you have copied the API Key & API Secret!

Go to your Volven account dashboard. Click "Link Exchange", name your key (F.ex. "John Doe - Bybit") and copy/paste the API Key & Secret Key into Bybit.

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