26th January 2024

What's new

  • [Balances Chart] Add possibility to drag one wallet on another

  • [Balances Chart] Add possibility to convert to any by drag

  • [TMM] Add Stop Loss Mode parameter and remove Position Netting and Threshold parameters from TMM

  • [Strategies] Update orders trolley indicator as in the design

  • Volven Terminal (macOS) unnecessarily asks for accessibility permission

  • [Ticker] The volvenName is not used for product names

  • [Strategies] Filtering the strategy list by status does not work

  • [Balances Chart] Dragged wallet item is not auto-selected

  • [Balances Chart] Not able to drag item near the edge

  • [Balances Chart] Conversion dialog position should be centred and remembered

  • [Orders] Unable to create spot order

  • [Orders Chart] Small orders are not visible

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