How to add your API Key

To enable trading in the Volven Terminal, you are required to add an API Key for the exchange you would like to trade on. These pages are dedicated to help you with that.

You'll find where to register your API Keys under "Exchange Links" in your account settings.

  • Select your exchange.

  • Some exchanges may require a custom passphrase, make sure to not forget it.

pageHow to create Binance API KeypageHow to create Bybit API KeypageHow to create API KeypageHow to create OKX API Key

  1. Give your API Key a name. It can be anything, but we recommend to name it according to where you are trading for ease of mind.

  2. Paste your API Key

  3. Paste your API Secret

  4. (If required) Type in your passphrase

Once complete, your exchange connection(s) should look like this:

At this point you're good to go! Launch the terminal and happy trading!

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