Futures Settings

Manage your leverage and positions modes across exchanges

The easiest way to access futures settings for a product is from the Ticker view (if you are subscribed to the product). If the product is a futures product it will have an icon next to the exchange name. Click it to open the futures settings for that product.

Changing the settings

Margin mode

You can choose between "Cross" and "Isolated" margin modes. Here's an article on the difference.


Exchanges and products have different leverage brackets. You can also be restricted by your own leverage tier in some cases. If you try to exceed your max leverage, you will receive an error message.

Position Mode

You can choose between "One-way" and "Hedge mode". Hedge mode allows you to have one long and one short position in the same product at the same time, while in one-way mode you are restricted to one position, either long or short.

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