How to create Binance API Key

  1. Click "Create API"

  2. Choose "System generated" and click "Next"

  1. Give the API Key a name of your choosing. Example: Volven API, then complete the security verification.

  2. Click "Edit restrictions"

IP Whitelisting

IP Whitelisting is required on Binance to trade with API. Please copy the entire box below, and paste into the "Restrict access to trusted IPs only" field to whitelist Volven IPs and click Confirm.
  1. Check "Enable Spot & Margin Trading"

  2. Check "Enable Futures"

  3. Check "Permits Universal Transfer"

  4. Check "Enable European Options" (Optional)

  5. Click Save and finish the security verification to complete your API Key.

Go to your Volven account dashboard. Click "Link Exchange", name your key (F.ex. "John Doe - Binance") and copy/paste the API Key & Secret Key into Binance.

pageHow to add your API Key

If you prefer, you can scan the QR code in the Volven app instead.

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