5th April 2024

What's new

  • Add support for OTCq strategy (works only in SEv2 mode, --useSEv2 true option)

  • Add stop action in SEv2 mode

  • Add button in About Dialog that brings the user to logs directory

  • Get futures settings from FuturesProductSettings feed

  • Show confirmation dialog when closing the app

  • <FIX> [Chart] No crypto.com mapping for TradingView charts

  • <FIX> [Balances Chart] “Show holdings in crypto” option does not save

  • <FIX> [Balances Chart] Update conversion effect colors according to design

  • <FIX> [Balances Chart] Conversion effect color should be less visible

  • <FIX> [Futures Settings] “Failed to parse incoming data” when changing any setting

  • <FIX> [Strategies] BC is not filtered on the strategies list

  • <FIX> [Strategies] BC precision is limited to 2 in multiple exchanges mode

  • <FIX> [Strategies] When user type in to much size vs what is available, it shows just the available USDT

  • <FIX> [Strategies] Available quote balance is not showing the leveraged amount

  • <FIX> [Strategies] Fixed unneeded rounding-up when running the strategy + added 0.5% buffer on available size when running strategies

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